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CustomViewbook launches the UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA, MONROE

Thanks Warhawks! We’re Blushing.

We’re truly fortunate to have one of the best account management and implementation teams in the business. From Start to GoLive, our team guides our clients through a process designed for ease, not overwhelm. We aim for you to love, love, love the transformative effect that CustomViewbook will have on your recruitment and lead generation – but to really enjoy the experience, too.


We have had several staff members from our university on this project and Jenna and our CustomViewbook team have been nothing short of amazing. Realizing that time is of the essence, Jenna and her team have appropriately encouraged us when we’ve needed encouragement, and they have been patient with us when we’ve needed them to be patient.

We are incredibly thankful that we chose to work with this company and look forward to our recruitment efforts being that much more efficient and effective with our CustomViewbook.”

Recruitment at University of Louisiana at Monroe

SUNY Oswego

CustomViewbook 3.0 + iPad Recruiter App = 2000+ Highly Qualified Leads
(and No Manual Entry!)


SUNY Oswego’s international recruiters wanted the ability to immediately capture inquiries at one on one meetings and college fairs, regardless of their location. Time and resources spent on inquiry cards and manual entry was inefficient and caused a lag time between meeting a prospect and re-connecting with them.

CustomViewbook’s Recruiter iPad App gave them the flexibility and efficiency they needed – and a lot more.
The recruiters were able to effortlessly capture prospect inquiries and interests, and like our web-based CustomViewbook, all the data was securely integrated right into their dashboard. As soon as our app detected internet connectivity, a personalized email was instantly sent to all SUNY Oswego student prospects, driving prospects back to their own personalized CustomViewbook.

SUNY Oswego’s highly-qualified leads went through the roof!
(And manual entry was eliminated.)

PENN STATE ABINGTON Takes The Lead and Launches Their CustomViewbook!

Roar Big – or Go Home!


We are as proud as a Nittany Lion to work with the team at Penn State Abington. Their team has taken the lead and made CustomViewbook a dynamic part of their recruitment strategy.

We can’t wait to share some of Abington’s results with you – they are going to ROAR!

“Thanks to you, Jessie, and the rest of your team for your thorough and painstaking work on this! Your team is so incredibly meticulous and amazing. It’s been a complete and total pleasure working with all of you.”

Rachael Ortwein Penn State Abington | University Relations

We Came, We “PACACed,” We Ate Chocolate.

Matt and James headed over to Hershey, PA to join PACAC for their annual conference. They were able to chat with many colleges and universities on how CustomViewbook can save them thousands of dollars on publication costs, increase their qualified leads, and provide a digital and interactive way for prospective studies to experience their institution. Oh, yeah… and they ate chocolate and rode roller coasters.

Two CustomViewbooks In One Day.

Trinity College in Connecticut and Redeemer University College in Canada both  joined CVB on the same day. With new fiscal years starting and summer in full swing, it’s a great time to start a project like CustomViewbook. Our amazing design and implementation team is geared up and already working with several colleges to get their digital brochure platforms ready before the Fall recruitment season.

Digital Viewbooks, Eh?

Our digital brochure platform has made it to the prairies of Alberta, Canada! CustomViewbook welcomes Lakeland College as our second Canadian college looking to incorporate a personalized-digital brochure into its recruitment strategy. They’ll also be utilizing our iPad Recruiter App which will allow them to streamline lead-capture at college fairs and private visits.

When In Miami… Go To SACAC.

Our team had an amazing time celebrating SACAC’s 50th anniversary in Miami, FL! As always, we enjoyed showing off all of the cool things that our digital brochure platform can do. We were particularly proud to show off one of our newest features, Viewbook Blasts. This allows colleges and universities to create personalized digital viewbooks and deliver them, in-bulk, to their entire prospective student pool.

We’re the University of Kentucky’s New Sixth Man!

It’s with great pleasure that CustomViewbook joins the Southeastern Conference (SEC). We’re teaming up with the University of Kentucky to create a unique digital viewboook and are doing some cool  custom work on their Recruiter iPad  App. Go, Wildcats and go, CustomViewbook!

Who Dat In Louisiana? CustomViewbook!

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is CustomViewbook’s first university in Louisiana.  ULM is on its way to allowing its prospective students to create a personalized digital viewbook experience based on their individual interests. We’ll let you know when it’s live!

SUNY Oswego’s CustomViewbook Is New And Improved!

SUNY, originally on our 2.0 platform, has just upgraded to our newest platform, version 3.0. Their new CustomViewbook is live on their site and is ready to generate some major leads. They’ve also migrated over to our new iPad Recruiter App and will be the talk of the college fair circuit!

The iPad Recruiter App takes the place of outdated inquiry cards & allows students to create personalized digital viewbooks tight at a college fair.

The iPad Recruiter App takes the place of outdated inquiry cards & allows students to create personalized digital viewbooks right at a college fair.