SUNY Oswego
August 16, 2022

CustomViewbook 3.0 + iPad Recruiter App = 2000+ Highly Qualified Leads
(and No Manual Entry!)


SUNY Oswego’s international recruiters wanted the ability to immediately capture inquiries at one on one meetings and college fairs, regardless of their location. Time and resources spent on inquiry cards and manual entry was inefficient and caused a lag time between meeting a prospect and re-connecting with them.

CustomViewbook’s Recruiter iPad App gave them the flexibility and efficiency they needed – and a lot more.
The recruiters were able to effortlessly capture prospect inquiries and interests, and like our web-based CustomViewbook, all the data was securely integrated right into their dashboard. As soon as our app detected internet connectivity, a personalized email was instantly sent to all SUNY Oswego student prospects, driving prospects back to their own personalized CustomViewbook.

SUNY Oswego’s highly-qualified leads went through the roof!
(And manual entry was eliminated.)

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