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Meet CustomViewbook

The only digital viewbook platform that captures and converts highly-qualified prospects at a fraction of the costs of traditional methods.

They’re stoked–not stressed!

CustomViewbook is an easier, better way to engage and compel prospective students. At initial inquiry, prospects move through an interactive ‘wizard’ experience selecting the information they need and want about your institution without the frustration of searching an entire website. Prospects can choose academic offerings, extracurricular opportunities, financial aid, housing, studying abroad, etc. Instantly, they receive their personalized viewbook on their smartphone, tablet or laptop!


Dynamic, visual, high impact–how GenZ likes it!

Prospects see CustomViewbook as a high impact extension of your brand – not a service provided by a third party. The platform can support interactive elements, embedded video, photos and calls-to-action that enhance the experience of learning about your school and campus culture. They are visually and emotionally engaged without ever leaving their viewbook–and with just a few simple taps on a smartphone, prospective students can contact admissions, schedule a campus tour and even apply!


Valuable data so you can focus on best fit prospects.

Hands down, you get the most highly-qualified (self-qualifying) prospect leads available. Full profiles of student interests and preferences, state/country, graduating year, number of viewbook views and more, are now yours. Your strategy and follow-up becomes targeted and highly efficient. You can focus on students who are best fit prospects, are in your target selectivity range, and are most likely to enroll. You have full access to all of this data via our user-friendly admin console and you can seamlessly integrate CustomViewbook into your CRM.



Features & Benefits


Recruiter App for iPad

Say goodbye to inquiry cards and manual entry! Our Recruiter App provides a quick way to capture leads and their interest at college fairs. Prospects receive a follow-up email which links to their personalized viewbook.

Proven Results

Client data shows that CustomViewbook users are 4.5x more likely to apply and become enrolled than the general population of student prospects.


Upload your mailing lists to our lead-generation solution and send out personalized digital viewbooks that introduce people to your school, college or university. Track response rates with a level of insight that’s impossible to get from print.

Viewbook Content Support

If you’re looking for a new “voice” for your content or don’t have the time or resources to organize it, our team of writers can craft content that engages and excites your future students!

CRM Integration 

This timesaving add-on will automatically sync your qualified leads directly into your existing CRM. Start thinking about how you’re going to spend all your newfound free time.

Managed Cloud Hosting (SaaS)

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) provides industry leading cloud hosting, backups, updates, and patches so that your CustomViewbook will never tank during peak enrollment times. Don’t worry, 100% of the information belongs to you!

Some Of Our Happy Clients

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Midway University
USC Dornsife
African Leadership University
University of Evensville
Hofstra University
LSU Health Shreveport
Savannah State University

PennState Abington
Johnson & Whales University
Indiana State University
University of Louisiana Monroe
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey
Lakeland College
Rowan University
Trinity College
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Owens Community College
The George Washington University
New Mexico Millitary Institute
Keiser University
Bryn Athyn College