The personalized digital viewbook platform that gets results for higher ed admissions and recruitment.

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CustomViewbook® prospects are 4.5X more likely to apply & enroll.

The USC Dornsife CustomViewbook on a laptop.

Create Instant Engagement

“100 out of 400 students opened and clicked through within the first two hours, 200 students within 24 hours.”Mark Kveton Assistant Director of Admissions, USC Dornsife

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Increase Yield

“CustomViewbook® resulted in a general yield of 80% where our overall yield is about 24%.”Robert Wyant,Director of Admissions, The College at Brockport

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Boost Enrollment

“We see any interaction with the CustomViewbook® as a statistically significant positive enrollment indicator.” Dave Loreto Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Buffalo State

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Add Valuable Leads to Your CRM

30% of prospect leads captured were new to the Rutgers prospect database, including a high percentage of out-of-state and international students. Rutgers University Case Study
Colorado State CustomViewbook on a tablet

Improve Open & Click-Through Rates

“We are using CRM YouBlast® early in the recruitment funnel and are really pleased with the engagement rates we are seeing, with unique open rates at 39.6% and unique click rates at 9.2%.” Prairie Smallwood Content Marketing Specialist, Colorado State University

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Rutgers CustomViewbook on a laptop.

Reduce Print Costs

“CustomViewbook® has helped Rutgers increase applications and student enrollment – and has also played a significant role in reducing print costs.” Jennifer Hollis Assistant Director, Marketing Communications, Rutgers-New Brunswick

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CustomViewbook is the only digital viewbook that captures and converts highly-qualified student prospects.
At a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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CustomViewbook puts the power of personalization in your hands. Within seconds, prospects create a dynamic, digital viewbook focused on their interests – and instantly become qualified inquiries by providing you with valuable data. Student recruitment software should consistently increase engagement through the enrollment funnel to help achieve your goals and increase yield. That’s what CustomViewbook does – and that’s the difference between a viewbook and a custom viewbook.

Research shows that students and their families are more likely to continue the admissions journey with a responsive school that respects their time and efforts. Instantly providing robust, immersive, never-out- of-date info about their specific academic and student life interests, clarifies that they are a priority. With that in mind, content flexibility and lightning fast updates are just a couple of the ways our user-friendly platform helps support you.

“I went from hours of frustration trying to find what I needed on a university’s website to seconds getting the information that I wanted. Thank you for making this easy!”

Tré, High School Senior

Wondering how to recruit students in today's climate? CustomViewbook can help.

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Engage & Empower

Make your strategies to increase enrollment more successful with the online college viewbook that boosts engagement. For digital natives like your Generation Z prospects, feeling in control is paramount. That’s why CustomViewbook offers dynamic selection of academics and student life content, and features images, video and succinct information that quickly brings your institution to life. Whether accessed via a link on your website, or in email or text outreach, future students can use their phones, tablets or computers to create, explore and edit their personalized CustomViewbooks in an instant.

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CustomViewbook provides insights Higher Ed needs right now: clear understanding of GenZ’s unique needs and preferences.

Gen Z Insights

CustomViewbook® is the admission software that generates inquiries and delivers a more effective college viewbook experience.

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Capture & Connect

CustomViewbook – the admission software adding first source leads to your CRM. Capturing personal info, academic and student life preferences, and enrollment dates gives your outreach serious purpose. Our clients consistently report 30% - 50% of their CustomViewbook leads are first source. Data from each prospect is seamlessly imported into your CRM, offering powerful analytics to help you focus on best-fit prospects. With a robust set of engagement tools and a depth of rich media content to keep the conversation going, the stage is set for your team to keep students engaged throughout the recruitment cycle.

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Learn how to recruit students the CustomViewbook way.

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CustomViewbook helps print campaigns become more targeted, efficient – and much less costly.

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We’ll Lead the Way Together

For institutions of all sizes, CustomViewbook makes planning and implementation a smooth process. It’s easier than you think to be on the cutting edge. Whether you are multi-campus university system or a small graduate school, you will be able to provide your prospective students with the digital experience and content that compels active engagement, and nets powerful results. The CustomViewbook team works with you to design and develop each element of your branded CustomViewbook wizard and layouts. From gathering content to launching your platform, we provide assistance and training, along with ongoing support and promotion guidance. Content population and development services are also available, making the process as turnkey as you need it to be. We are a Slate Preferred Partner, providing automated lead delivery and data integration with Slate, as well as other popular CRM platforms. How it Works

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