Who We Are & What We’re About


If it wasn’t for a random lunch at an Austrian beer garden in 1989 between a professor, a venture capitalist and our own, James Horigan, you wouldn’t be reading this. That meeting was the beginning of Digital Wave, the company that developed CustomViewbook. James thought he was going to lunch to share his ideas on how the web was going to change everything. Instead, he returned home with a belly full of Austrian pastries and seed money to start a company. For James, that one lunch changed everything.


Digital Wave was built on the idea of staying out in front of the technology wave and helping organizations successfully navigate those waters. For more than twenty years, we have worked with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, healthcare and higher ed clients. We stay in front of current technology trends so our clients don’t have to. We love identifying disruptive technologies that open the doors to new trends, and CustomViewbook is the perfect example of that.

Since 1993, we’ve evolved into a User Experience Design and Development company. We produce web and mobile based applications and interactive learning solutions that improve the way people interact with information.

In 2012, Digital Wave and Antech Systems, Inc. merged. Antech has been modernizing the way the Navy manages maintenance working with big data and building game-based interactive training technologies since 1990. While maintaining market diversifications, the synergy of Antech Systems and Digital Wave is based on a common passion for User Experience Design and Development to help people communicate better, which is at the heart of what we all do.

Since 1993, Digital Wave has worked with over 50 higher ed institutions. Our client relationships typically last for five plus years. Our history shows we’re committed to our clients and to their success. Our commitment to the work we do keeps people coming back and sharing our name with others.

Over the last twenty years we’ve learned that success comes from two simple things: hard work and hiring the right people. We’ve also learned to never underestimate the power of a good lunch in an Austrian beer garden.


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