University of Evansville

New Horizons for The University of Evansville and CustomViewbook!

The University of Evansville is a private Midwestern university that is highly regarded for the depth and diversity of offerings.  Since its inception in 1854, the University has enjoyed a strong relationship with the United Methodist Church, sharing with it a commitment to inclusiveness. Over 2,600 students from 46 countries and 42 states experience a distinctive curriculum that includes a renowned international education program, theatre program, 80 undergraduate majors, 5 graduate programs –  and a robust financial aid package. In fact, 94% of UE’s full-time students receive scholarships and financial aid!

In addition to studying in the city of Evansville, the University’s students can choose to study abroad in England at Harlaxton College, “The British Campus of the University of Evansville.” The study abroad program at the University of Evansville has consistently been rated as one of the best study abroad programs in the nation, ranked #1 in Europe and #7 globally. In 2015, the program was ranked #1 in the United States.

This high-achieving university is expanding its recruitment strategy and implementing the CustomViewbook Digital Platform, Recruiter iPad App and ViewbookBlasts. We are thrilled to become part of their strategy and look forward to helping them reach even greater successes.