Colorado State University and CustomViewbook: When Client Insight Meets Student Needs, An Engagement Innovation is Born!

CRM YouBlast: The Power of Personalized CustomViewbooks, Automated From Your CRM

Noting that prospective first year students often indicate a diverse set of academic and student life interests, our Colorado State University client asked us: Is there a way to provide students individualized, tailor-made content, straight from their Slate CRM?

Great question!

The CustomViewbook team dove right in to plan and develop an innovative solution that allows Slate’s CRM (and all popular CRMs) to share data with our secure server. The result, our new CRM YouBlast tool, gives Colorado State the power to automate creation of personalized CustomViewbooks from within Slate. With the click of a few buttons, they are now able to create personalized CustomViewbooks that match any combination of the diverse Academic and Student Life interests their prospects have.

Prairie Smallwood, Content Marketing Specialist at Colorado State, gives the new tool high marks.CRM YouBlast has allowed Colorado State University to introduce an instant, personalized experience for our prospective students who may have previously interacted with us. Sending a student an email with their personalized link to their very own CustomViewbook means they can get to the information they want to see – and only the information they want to see – without having to wade through pages and pages of academic, housing, and extracurricular information they aren’t looking for. Everything they’ve previously shown interest in will already be selected in their CVB, along with the option to easily edit as they narrow their search and hone their interest areas at Colorado State University. Right now, we are using CRM YouBlast early in the recruitment funnel, and are really pleased with the engagement rates we are seeing, with unique open rates at 39.6% and unique click rates at 9.2%.”

Go Prairie and Team CO State!

More good news? Colorado State has no hesitation about sharing this breakthrough – the CRM YouBlast feature has been added to our suite of tools and is available to all clients. And yes, it works with all leading CRMs.

For more information on how CustomViewbook digital viewbook platform can help you capture high value leads, and boost student engagement throughout the recruitment funnel, please contact Mary.Pannullo@customviewbook.com